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China’s Unique Treasure, the World’s Great Wonder
Impregnable Pass, History of the Great Wall
Shining Spears and Armored Horses, Beacon Fire and Gunpowder Smoke
Scenery and Human Culture of Shanhaiguan
 “Love China, Rebuild the Great Wall”


The Great Wall can be described as flowing music, a flowery picture scroll, a majestic sculpture and an imposing epic. Its construction of the Great Wall is a well-known historical record, but its protection and spirit must be upheld by this generation and the next. The ancient Great Wall arouses endless debate, and will surely never be forgotten by people, and in that way can make them and our nation stronger, giving inspiration to the Chinese people. The Great Wall is the symbol of civilization of mankind, and it not only belongs to China, but also the whole world. The Great Wall, now open to the world, and the spirit which it engenders, will merge into the minds of people from all countries in the world.

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