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China’s Unique Treasure, the World’s Great Wonder
Impregnable Pass, History of the Great Wall
Shining Spears and Armored Horses, Beacon Fire and Gunpowder Smoke
Scenery and Human Culture of Shanhaiguan
 “Love China, Rebuild the Great Wall”

{Section II} Impregnable Pass, History of the Great Wall

“The sole strategic gateway for Yanjing and Shengjing, the number one pass of the Great Wall” is the tribute bequeathed on Shanhaiguan, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and a state-level city of fame, history and culture. Our predecessors produced a splendid landscape picture scroll to depict the magnificence of this land: its high mountains, open seas, winding Great Wall and impregnable pass. Today this historical picture scroll captures the essence of the strategic importance and magnificence of the Great Wall.

Shanhaiguan and Jiaoshan Great Wall

Wall of stone at Laolongtou, Old Dragon’s Head, which extends into the sea


Console cabinet for exhibition (No. 1)

Exhibition Hall III
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