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China’s Unique Treasure, the World’s Great Wonder
Impregnable Pass, History of the Great Wall
Shining Spears and Armored Horses, Beacon Fire and Gunpowder Smoke
Scenery and Human Culture of Shanhaiguan
 “Love China, Rebuild the Great Wall”

The Great Wall looks like a giant dragon, majestic in appearance, heroic in character. It extends for tens of thousands of kilometers across North China, twisting a tortuous route between lofty peaks and along narrow ridges, through deserts and across grasslands, spanning rivers and along valleys, and galloping on the loess plateau.  

The Great Wall is a complex historical monument, which evolved to be a length of more than 50,000 kilometers over a period of more than 2,000 years of construction, thus making an everlasting imprint on the history, and landscape of China. For cultural exchange and economic development, the Great Wall is a link; for harmonious nations and a united country, the Great Wall is a chain. It is a miracle jointly created by Chinese people of different nationalities, and it encapsulates the hardworking ability, intelligence and spirit of the ancient people of China.

The Great Wall is a picture-scroll of history, miraculous and beautiful, imposing and colorful. Its fortresses and passes, beacon platforms and watchtowers, made up a resolute defensive system; these fortifications were manned over the centuries by soldiers carrying spears and riding armored horses,  and the battles they fought and beacon fires they lit in the Great Wall theatre gave rise to many heroes. Enemy nations became harmonious by the turbulence, brothers became compatible with each other through association. All nationalities of China were united as one whenever the country faced calamity, and they united together to ward of the aggressions of invaders unyieldingly. The Great Wall is thus a symbol of the great spirit of the Chinese Nation!

Shanhaiguan Great Wall is a classic section of the Great Wall, with most extant remains dating from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The location has been rightly dubbed the “Natural Museum of the Great Wall”. Climbing Jiaoshan Great Wall, one can poignantly appreciate the strategic significance place of “The First Pass Under Heaven”; arriving the “Laolongtou”, also known as Old Dragon’s Head, one can savor the vigor of the Great Wall’s rampart’s being splashed by the waves of Yellow Sea. Studying the Great Wall will help people to recognize the greatness of the Chinese nation; understanding the Great Wall will help Chinese themselves be more patriotic. The Great Wall is rightly recognized as a magnificent wonder of the world, a treasure of China and the soul of the Chinese nation.

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